When you fold a photograph, you re-assign spatiality to a scene that was forced flat by a camera.
But you never truly compensate for the lost dimensions. No matter how far you bend the photograph, its new shape only emphasizes its two-dimensional nature.





'VIDE' (2012)

Wood, paint, projection

114 x 82 x cm 35 cm


'Vide' is a picture projected on a sculpture, designed to recompose the spatiality of the image. The composition of the sculpture is based on an underlying line structure in the picture. The picture shows the 'vide' of the exhibition building.







Inkjet print on paper, pink fine liner
29.7 x 21 cm









Inkjet print, cardboard, clamps

120 x 80 x 20 cm


'Lange Leemstraat' is a recomposition of the facade of the building of St. Lucas Antwerp in the Lange Leemstraat. This piece was exhibited in the vitrine of the same building.







SERRE (2012)

Print on vinyl

100 x 80 cm


Serre is part of a series inspired by the Serres of the Verbeke foundation. They were created during a two-week residency at the Verbeke foundation as part of a workshop titled 'Master Maquette', an initiative of Nadia Naveau.